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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Spoiler Heavy Trailer

That's a lot of spoilers.

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Square Enix is at it again, out of the blue we got a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer. This one is long and completely filled to the brim with spoilers.

The spoilers are characters, villain interactions, locations the honeybee inn, and end game areas and events. If you are wanting to go in fresh run while you can. The trailer also showcases the massive changes that Square Enix is making to Final Fantasy VII. So be weary of that as well.

Shine bright and watch the new Theme Song Trailer of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, arriving worldwide April 10, 2020. In this trailer, you will dive further into the adventures of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Barret in the City of Midgar. Theme Song ‘Hollow’ credits: –

  • Music: Nobuo Uematsu –
  • Vocals: Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet) –
  • Lyrics: Kazushige Nojima
  • Translation: Ben Sabin, John Crow
  • Arrangement & Synthesizer Programming: Kenichiro Fukui

Also announced was the FINAL FANTASY VII Orchestra World Tour. Which you can see the info and link to right down below-

The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Orchestra World Tour, presented by AWR Music Productions, is an electrifying new concert based entirely on the highly anticipated and groundbreaking game from SQUARE ENIX.- Link for Locations

You can check the trailer out below-

And while youre at it if you dont mind the spoiling, here is the theme behind the scenes creation video. Yeah I totally wrote that in a normal way.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on April 10th.  While you wait feel free to check out my impressions of the games Demo right here. Next time there is another Final Fantasy VII trailer we will make sure to keep you posted as usual.

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