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The Perfect Games to Play For Halloween

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Halloween is nearly here! So of course is my usual recommendations of games that are good to play for the spookiest of Holidays. Instead of going for the usual Horror games, I figured Id give varying degrees and types this time, with a splash of classic in there.

small horror for Halloween


While not super scary, the game does have some light horror for those who are not into the disturbing or more frightening horror titles. The horror of the title is largely in the disturbing worlds lore is and how intense some moments can be. None the less, for the easily scarred this game is a good option.

Eerie slow burn for Halloween

Shadow Of The Colossus –

Not quite a horror, and not that scary. Shadow Of the Colossus is an intense game full of insane giant monsters and a beautiful tragic story. The story is where much of the horror comes in, without spoiling much it is tragic sad and terrifying the more you dig into it.


so good Halloween

Demons Souls-

Demons Souls, is an incredibly eerie game. The world is desolate, the enemies are brutal and unforgiving and to top it off the story is tragic and horrifying. Demons Souls is an amazing game and a fantastic choice for a Halloween game. Though the online isnt there in the same fashion as it used to be, fans have brought it back .  Admitting the game in its prime was truly horrifying, the invasions in it were something of true horror. You never could guess what the maniacs playing would do to you and it was glorious.

Even with no online, the game is truly amazing and still horrifying and worthy of every second of your time.




If you are lucky enough to have it, you have what could have been an amazing mind bending horror game that would force you into discomfort through abstract means and tedious stressful puzzles. The game while dead will always live on within manys PlayStation 4’s.


The best game for Halloween


There is not much Cosmic Horror in the game industry,

Bloodborne is one of the few. It also just happens to be one of the best games of the past generations. Beyond being bloody and horrifying, the games lore and world are terrifying and twisted. This game is probably the best Halloween game you can find.


the crap maskman

Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask-

Despite being made by Nintendo this game was and is still dang creepy. Whoever came up with this wanted to do something different with Zelda, and that resulted in this eerie and disturbing title. While the game does have many light hearted moments it often delves into some strange and crazed nightmare fuel on a regular basis. If you want a more normal game that throws the horror on you wildly then this is the perfect choice.


for kids

Luigi’s mansion-

Got some kids who want to play a scary game? Well, this should do the trick, while it isnt really scary for adults it should give your kids and you something nice to play together. Or just yourself if that is how you roll.


scary flood


For Halo:CE you need to go and replay some of those good ol Flood levels. They do horror better than most horror games could ever imagine.They are intense and fun, definitely worth the time. If you have a choice play the original though, as the remake screwed up the horrir quite badly.


costume quest

Costume Quest-

Costume Quest is a party-based role-playing video game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ. In the game, the player controls a kid that is trick-or-treating with their twin on Halloween night when they encounter a monster that kidnaps the sibling.’- I mean seriously, do I need to say anything?