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[Spoilers] Final Fantasy XV launches today! Did you Get it? Cool, talk about it right here!

The 10 year ride is almost over, now you just need to play it!

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Final fantasy XV has launched and weather you just heard about it or have been waiting for 10 years this shit has 84 on meta critic, that’s WAY better than expected given all the new (but somewhat same) things this game is doing.

And while normally we talk about games on SpeakOut spoiler talk and the flood of conversation can be a bit much for the general topics discussed. So we’ll chat below!

Here are the rules and guidelines though:

Use spoiler tags!

How do you do that? Simple! All you need to do is include some html like spoiler tags, they look like this:

<spoiler>Aerith dies</spoiler>

This works with images and other things posted so use it ALL THE TIME if nessecary. When in doubt just spoiler tag.

Comments with spoilery content without tags will be subject to immediate deletion depending on if a mod even wants to even read the comment or not. But if the mod is aware of the spoiler they may simply add tags to the post to not disrupt things. Do be mindful.

Being mindful inlcudes things like what our user Leon Evelake said, “…don’t be all “can you believe that ‘character a twist…” or “that reveal scene though..” or any of that.
That’s all it takes to get me thinking too much and figure it out too early.” Please keep stuff like that in spoiler tags.

This forum is not strictly about playing the game, so post whatever so long as it’s generally FFXV related

Key here is have fun, and not flood SpeakOut for people who aren’t on the hype train.

If you’re streaming the game let us know!

We may post steams in this article from some of our users…

And that’s it, enjoy. We may edit this article to add guides or other things people have posted below.