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Final Fantasy XV Shipments Pass Five Million Day One.

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Well, you read the title. There is not much else to it. This makes Final Fantasy XV the fastest selling title in Final Fantasy History. ( Should note that it is ‘Shipments’, which are sales for the company)

This means the game in its first day has sold a little under half of what Final Fantasy VII has. VII is still the highest selling in the franchise. But those sales are over a long period of time. Maybe XV will come to pass it eventually. Time will tell.

Congratulations Square-

Update On sales-

As of Dec 23, 2019 Final Fantasy XV has managed to move a Massive 8.9 Million copies. making it the third best selling Final Fantasy just below Final Fantasy 14 and the mammoth that is Final

Here’s how FFXV fits into the mainline series sales charts according to Tweaktown

FF7 – 19.1 million
FF14 – 10.9 million
FFX – 9.25 million
FF15 – 8.9 million
FF8 – 8.8 million
FF13 – 7.7 million

Fantasy VII. –Source 4Gamer


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