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Fans Petition Konami To Bring Metal Gear Online 2 To The PlayStation 4

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UPDATE!! Metal Gear Online 2 Is Coming Back Thanks To Fans!

Years ago Metal Gear Online was taken from us, the game was a glorious beacon of hope in what has become a bland and bleak land of similar playing multi-player games, it was unique and fun and was overall one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played, but due to Konamis cruelty it was taken from us. Now many hopeful fans are reaching out to Konami to bring back Metal Gear Online 2.

82423Over at, user 佐藤 直司  (Naoji?) started a petition to bring the beloved stealth multiplayer action of Metal Gear Online 2 to the PlayStation 4. The petition was asking for 5000 people, and as of now sits at 4390, just 610 away from the goal. The petition started only a few months back in October, with minimum exposure the petition has reached a rather impressive height with only its base fans of the title knowing of its existence, the petition
The scary thing is how passionate the fans are for this game, on the petitions twitter page when they asked if the players would pay a monthly fee to play the game 74% said they would, and that is with 280 people having voted, what is more impressive is the vote was only up for 24 hours. You can see the results below-

While the game has been away for years it is obvious its fans are not.To call the fans obsessive would honestly not be a stretch,some have gone so far as to make the game playable on Custom Firmware PS3’s and even starting to build their own game around the same concepts of MGO2.

Not many games maintain a following that is this passionate and this strong so long after its demise, yet Metal Gear Online 2 has managed that. The chances are not the highest for this game to come back, but maybe Konami will find it in their hearts to do this for their loving and loyal fans. At least by signing this we can say we tried.

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