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Arc System Works Reveals Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works shows you what it means

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Arc System Works, the company behind quite a number of fighting games and most of them well known, has been going around proving that the “Work” part of their name isn’t just for show. Just around last week they revealed that they have been working (ha!) on a new fighting game featuring the Dragonball franchise. People exploded over the idea. And not just because it’s another Dragonball game (which for some reason we don’t have enough of), but also because of its reminiscence to Guilty Gear XRD in both aesthetic and gameplay style.

However, it seems that just making a Dragonball game isn’t quite enough for them, so just yesterday Arc System Works revealed another bomb:


Nah just kidding. Although that is serious news which calls for celebration as he has been a very highly requested character ever since the first Blazblue (though especially recently since all the other Six Heroes has become playable), that is not what this article is about as you may have guessed from the title above. Yes they’re making another Blazblue. Now you might be thinking “whuuut? Isn’t the story already finished?” Yes it has, as far as we know, unless they wanna extend (ha!) the story even further with this upcoming game. But hey, at least this time it seems like it’s meant to be pure fun factor and “just forget about the plotline implications” kind of thing. Why you ask? Because it’s not just Cross Tag Battle, it’s also Crossover Tag Battle!!

As you can see even if you don’t watch the trailer posted above, it’s a crossover, participants include Persona 4 Arena and Under-Night, and what’s this?? RWBY!! While that seems like an odd choice, it does totally explain why the RoosterTeeth team went to Arc System Works’ office some time ago. For you RWBY fans out there, you might be disappointed that you don’t get an RWBY fighting game, but this is definitely the next best thing don’t you agree? (well if you disagree, just comment down below). For Arc System Works’ fans, this is another game to try play made by yours truly, can’t hurt to try, right? As a fan of both, I can only say that I am downright ECSTATIC.

What awaits for us in this upcoming game? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Lastly, obligatory related gifs, and with that, until the next article!