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These Yakuza: Like a Dragon Commercials Are Weird

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Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a strange looking game. Even stranger yet is its array of commercials. Just check them out below, they are very odd. Don’t worry they are short-


Like what on earth is going on, the Yakuza series is known for being pretty wacky while at the same time having ultra dramatic story events. But that first trailer, wow. It is a weird one. The second is definitely more normal, but with the first. Well, it looks pretty hilarious.

Not sure what the games is? Well Below you can see some info on the, from the good folks at gematsu


The latest numbered entry in the Yakuza series for PlayStation 4, this is the story of new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. In the new setting of Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama, the story of the hot-blooded thugs stirred up by Ichiban Kasuga will begin.

If the protagonist changes, so does the gameplay. This is a new Yakuza experience!

New protagonist Ichiban Kasuga changes not only the story of the game, but also how you play.

■ Story

Protagonist Ichiban Kasuga makes his way up from the depths of despair. Depicted until the becoming of a new “Dragon,” this is the ultimate story of overcoming the higher ranked and rising to new heights. The future is in your hands!

January 1, 2001. The yakuza Ichiban Kasuga, who belongs to third generation family of the Tojo Clan—the Arakawa Family—was asked to take the fall for the crimes of wakagashira Jo Sawashiro by his boss Masumi Arakawa, which he agreed to do. For the family that he loves, for the respect of his boss… Kasuga served 18 years in a strict penitentiary, and in 2019, was finally released.

However, there was no one there to greet him upon his release.

With no one to welcome him, Kasuga returned to his hometown of Kamurocho. But the Kamurocho was not the Kamurocho that Kasuga once knew.

Thanks to a police policy known as the “Kamurocho 3K Operation,” the Tojo Clan had fallen. The police and the Omi Alliance of Kansai yakuza had completely taken over. And the one who created this new Kamurocho was none other than Masumi Arakawa.


Yakuza: Like a Dragon is set to release for the PlayStation 4 on January 16th, later down in 2020 North America and Europe will be getting the game.