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The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts : Review

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In February 1986, Nintendo released the First Legend of Zelda game. The game was launched on the as the launch title for the Family Computer system, or Famicom for short. The game was an obvious success and managed to keep going till this day across many new consoles. Ever since it’s first release the franchise has had wonderful and imaginative art. Now with a new Zelda game on the Market Nintendo and Darkhorse have released a new artbook. That artbook is The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts.

The second I found The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts was up for Pre-Order I knew I had to have it. The idea of having the entire franchises art in one place was something I could not turn down. Below you will find my review of the new book, as well as a small choice of pages from it.

The Art and Appearance

This book is insanely gorgeous, the cover is a rustic red with brown around the corners, with a gorgeous golden WingCrest in the center.

Within the actual book, you will find a horrifying amount of art. From The Legend of Zelda to some samples from Breath of the Wild. There is no shortage from any of the main titles of the franchise.

Something that surprised me is the amount of art I had not seen from the franchise. For many years I had collected art from the franchise, yet here I am looking at these new things I have never seen. To say the least, I am quite ecstatic to have seen these new pieces of art from this beloved franchise.

The amount of art is astonishing. Many of the more detailed pieces of art take up the majority of the page, with small parts dedicated to their linework. The addition of these pieces linework is wonderful for aspiring artist.

My main issue is they did not include more from Breath Of the Wild. This really should have. I feel like they are just holding off on that so they can sell it to us down the road. The only other problem is, I would loved to have seen some of the rough sketches. Not just finished ones that look amazing.

Below you can view some pictures from this awesome artbook-

Quality and Build

The build is extremely solid, the cover is hard and the binding is strong. This is something I find extremely important for my art books. The binding seems to be a typical Case Binding, which is fine. Though this one looks a bit odd. The durability of the binding is something that only time will tell.

The pages are pretty sturdy, you would have to be pretty rough with the book to rip a page. They have a nice gloss finish on the prints. The gloss does make it a little reflective, but the glare isn’t so bad that it makes the images unseeable.

  • The book overall comes in at 427 pages.
  • The dimensions are 9.3 x 1.5 x 12.3 inches
  • Weight is 5.9 pounds(according to Amazon)

While I initially payed $45.00 for the art book, you can now buy it for $23.99 on I honestly think it is easily worth the $45.00 price, so at the new price this is a steal. If you are  a Zelda fan you owe it to yourself to grab this.

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