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Super Mario RPG Coming To WII-U Virtual Console.

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In 1996 Square Soft and Nintendo teamed up to make an RPG, a Mario RPG. While that might not sounds to great, it truly was. The game since has become a classic, loved by people across the world. Sadly there is no true sequel, though we do get to now play it on the Wii-Us Virtual Console.

You can see a small over view of the story below-

A mysterious enemy named Smithy has appeared, forcing Mario and Bowser to fight as allies. Journey across a wide variety of locations and tackle a mixture of obstacles that will require both timing and strategy to overcome. Gain experience, grow more powerful, and meet new characters to use their abilities in taking down Smithy and his gang!

The Price To pay

Super Mario RPG will cost $7.99¬†With its upcoming release tomorrow. That is if you are a new buyer and haven’t bought it on the Wii already.