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SoulCalibur VI Gets A Short Series of Mini Documentaries

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Bandai Namco uploaded two videos in a  new Soulcalibur documentary series called ‘Souls and Swords’.

‘The Rise of SOULCALIBUR ‘is of course the first episode with the second being ‘Soul Still Burns! ‘

Each video is a little over ten minutes long, so it is not a huge undertaking to watch But none the less an interesting watch if you have the time.

SoulCalibur VI, is set to release on the  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and  on PC October 19th 2018. Now go down there watch the videos and drop a comment. You know you want to.



And do not forget to pre-order the game, this may be SoulCaliburs end, if the game doesn’t kill it with the sales. Which lets be honest, no one wants this franchise to die.