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Resident Evil 7s Dummy Finger Does Do Something

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UpDate: It appears as if this is a glitch, not much different than the ability to avoid the Family guy.

During E3 the demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 was released on the PlayStation 4. With the release people were immediately confused by the demos odd and mysterious nature. Of particular not is the infamous Dummy Finger. The finger is a complete mystery, no one knows its definite purpose or what it even does. Until now.

Through my horrid stumbling of the demo I found something of particular interest. When you equip the dummy finger and point it toward certain items it will move on its own. The the movements can be slight, they are there and this may have significant meaning. The only way I noticed this was the fact that the upstairs dummies seem to lead you to the upstairs phone room. In all honesty though, I could still not figure out the true purpose of the finger but only that it moves. Hopefully someone else can use this to end this cruel cycle getting welcomed to that ugly family.

Beyond the finger, we also found the click noises that no one else has figured out still.


Below is a videos of the Dummy fingers movement-

If you have any clue how to beat the demo without getting a fist to the face we would love to hear it! Or heck, if you have found something special or interesting or just want to talk about the demo than feel free to drop it in the comments below-