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The New Berserk Game Gave Casca Boob Armor.

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Over on our Open Forum Speakout, user Leon-Evelake found something strange about the new Berserk game. That thing is of course they gave Casca Boob armor. For those new to Berserk, Casca is the female lead of the series.

While Berserks content has been brought into question due to its graphic violent and sexual nature. The series has always maintained a  sense of realism with their armor and designs. While there are eccentricities to some characters designs, these are not something from your usual medieval Fantasy.

In particular it does not fall into the stereotypical fantasy tropes for Women. Rather than having them wear revealing armor; or Armor that has exaggerated female shapes . The series has always opted to have more realistic and practical armor.

Though Berserk is a Fantasy world, the social political structure of the world mirrors ours and does not feature an idealized society that features women in what was seen as traditionally male roles. This makes the change all the more jarring. Especially for the more down to earth Golden Age Arc.

Casca in all her different designs-

Here is the images of Casca from Berserk and the Band of The Hawk-


Here are images from the manga, the source material.


This is a strange thing to see, as both Anime incarnations have had normal breast plates( though the new movies later had the boob armor as well, though more subtle).See below-

As you can see above, the games and last movie iterations are the only version to have added the boob shapes to the armor. This is an odd thing to add as her armor maintained the more realistic design  for nearly 28 years.