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Red Dead Redemption Successor Isn’t Out And It Is Already A Success

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The past few days Rockstar has been teasing a new game (link 1, link 2). The game they are teasing is largely thought to be the sequel to the Loved Read Dead: Redemption. While the game has not even had an official announcement it has been causing huge stirs in the internet. Across all game sites Red Dead Redemption is being talked about like crazy.

This craze all began when RockStar simply posted their logo, faded and red. This brought many to think of Red Dead Redemption. From there the hype began to roll.

The logo was only the beginning.

Read Dead Redemption 2The last teaser image we received has gotten over 120k re-tweets- which happened in under 20 hours. Beyond that, it has received parodies from different game franchises across the web, including one directly from the Final Fantasy XV team. This is the first day and we are already seeing these; and it’s a true testament of Red Dead Redemption’s power as a franchise. (Image source 1,2,3) (see more)

As if the complete and total internet uproar is not enough, the teasers have had a huge financial impact on the developer. This is a rather rare and impressive feat to say the least.

Thanks to these mere teasers, Take-Two has managed to raise its stock by a huge 5.7%. The stock managed to climb from $42.50/share to $45.50/share. I honestly find this shocking. The game has no name, no release date, not even a leaked screenshot- yet it has already earned its developer money. Not many companies have the ‘street cred’ or influence for such an outcome. The last game I heard of doing this was the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake, which boosted Squares Stock 3%. Even then, Final Fantasy VII: Remake had a trailer, and not to mention its illustrious past. To think these teaser images rose the companies stock higher than the Final Fantasy VII Trailers is truly astounding. The idea that two teaser images are capable of causing so much hype is an amazing thing.

With Red Dead Redemption already getting this much buzz, we can only imagine what will happen when it finally gets a real trailer.

Guess all we have left to do is wait.
“It’s wanting that gets so many folk in trouble…”-John Marston