Persona 5 Ships 550 Thousand Copies, Gets Catherine DLC

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persona-5Atlus announced that Persona 5 has shipped over 550 thousand copies. This counts digital and physical releases. This is all since the games release on September 15th. As of now Japan is the only country the game has been released in.

Along side this announcement we also got to find out some of the DLC the game will be getting. The first being a swimsuit set. This set gives all the characters swimsuits and will be free on October 5th.

The second is the good one and is from Catherine. The DLC comes with costumes for all the games main cast and some Back Ground Music from Catherine as well. This set will be free from October 5th-10th. But will cost 800 yen after that period.persona-5-catherine

Persona 5 gets a world wide release on February 14th.