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Monster Hunter World Has Earned My Highest Compliment.

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In the age of games like Destiny and Final Fantasy XV, I have gained  a harsh sense of early adopter remorse.It is now  rare for me to even consider  pre-ordering a game. Yet with Monster Hunter: World I find myself unable to resist the urge.

Having just come off the beta, my initial impressions were not the best. At first, I found the combat confusing and simplistic, but as I played and experimented more I found myself enjoying the game more and more. While I have my problems with the gameplay, I still couldn’t help but enjoy myself greatly while hunting down the epic beast throughout the world.

The thing that got me though, was how much there was to do as I wandered around. The first day playing I didn’t realize the many ways you could alter the hunts, such as luring beast to fight each other or using traps and other such things. There is so much variety to the missions that they actually feel worth replaying.

This isn’t even counting the mass amount of content we didn’t receive in the beta. We only saw a few small hunts and haven’t seen the hub world, the halls or any of the mini games the series is known for. To say I am intrigued and excited to dive into this game is an understatement.

To top this all of Capcom has announced that they will be adding free monsters to the game as time goes on. As if that wasn’t good enough, they also mentioned that the game will have No loot boxes or Micro-transactions. This honestly excites me as sad as that is. But hey, this the strange gaming age we are in.

With all that together, my excitement for the title just continues to grow as the release comes ever closer. In this day and age, I find it rare that I don’t have some sort of skepticism or worry over the idea of pre-ordering a game. Yet somehow Monster Hunter: World has managed to pull it off though; I feel at ease with this game being pre-ordered and I can’t give any bigger compliment than that.

In case you missed the last trailer, check it out. It is worth your time.