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Kingdom Hearts III ‘Re Mind’ Details Revealed

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Square Enix has uploaded some nice new info for Kingdom Hearts III ‘Re Mind’  on their information page .The new info has given us a little more info on the upcoming DLC as well as a few new pictures. The translation below is from the fine folk of Gematsu

Get the details below.

■ Re Mind

“Re Mind” depicts a another story that Sora has yet to experience. It is a reunion with the friends you encountered in the past that adds all sorts of new elements.

Additional Scenario: “Re Mind”

“Re Mind” is another story that occurs during the climax. Just before heading to the final battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, Sora follows the hearts of the Seven Guardians of Light and experiences each Guardian’s battle.

Limit Cut Episode & Boss Battles

High difficulty battles against the 13 members of the Real Organization XIII, will unfold. Put up your guard and attack at the best timing to succeed against these strong bosses.

Change Between Playable Characters

Change between playable characters including Riku, Aqua, Roxas, Kairi, and more. In some battles, you can activate cooperative skills with party members.

Other Elements

The page also has sections for “Greeting Mode,” “Slideshow Function,” “Premium Menu,” “Secret Episode & Boss,” and “English Mode” (for the Japanese version), but detailed information will not be added until a later date.

■ Version 1.07 Update (January 2020)

  • Adds new abilities.
  • Keyblades Oathkeeper and Oblivion + new formchanges added (in-game requirements in Kingdom Hearts III to acquire Keyblades).
  • Sharing features expanded.

Kingdom Hearts III ‘Re Mind’  is set to release for the  PlayStation 4 on January 23rd and later down the road on the Xbox One on February 25th.