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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Information Arises From Famitsu

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Kingdom Hearts 3 got a ton of new little buts of information from the weeks latest Famitsu issue. The issue contained a interview with Tetsuya Nomura, who gave us some interesting information regarding the game and its future.

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 was delayed to January to ensure all regions get the game at nearly the same time.
  • All worlds will have a minigame of sorts, Twilight Town will have a minigame featuring Remy from Ratatouille where you collect ingredients from various worlds and cook dishes. Tangled features a rhythm game.
  • The Classic Kingdom minigames were planned by Nomura he plans to add more of them if possible.
  • The Pirates World is based on the third film, “At Worlds End” – The box Jack seeks is the very same box that the True Organization XIII and Maleficent are seeking.
  • Kingdom Hearts III will feature a Secret Movie as expected but it is not yet completed.
  • Vanitas has indeed been resurrected. The other returning Organization members have returned as either Nobodies or Real People. The ones helping Sora being the real people.
  • Nomura expresses it was challenging creating the scenario with Aqua given the situation and all of the other problems the game aims to resolve in the story.
  • DLC in Kingdom Hearts III has not been decided on but they’d like to focus on expanding the game and not just sell items. Nomura thinks it’ll be a single distribution of DLC and not a Season Pass as he doesn’t like that model.
  • There are no plans for a public demo, but fans will be able to play the game early at Tokyo Game Show.
  • There are no plans for a Final Mix version of the game, if there is one it’ll be instated through updates and DLC rather than a full-priced re-release.
  • The “New Seven Hearts” mentioned by Larxene in the recent trailer are an entirely new generation of the Seven Princesses, save for Kairi. These princesses (so far) are Elsa, Rapunzel, ect.
  • There will not be Dual Audio for Kingdom Hearts III due to there being separate animations/lip sync data.
  • Nomura expressed capacity issues with the game on disc as well, to reduce loading times they made multiple scenes as movies but found that to eat away at space so they’re trying to find the right balance.
  • Nomura feels that a game can be fun even if you’re just running around. Time-limited strategies can be crafted with the Situation Commands.
  • There are specific prerequisites and areas where you can use Attraction Flow (The Disney Ride summons)
  • This time around, you can also fight along with Disney Characters you Link (Summon) with. ie. Battling alongside Ariel when you summon her.
  • The links we have in Kingdom Hearts III so far include: Ariel, Wreck it Ralph, Meow Wow, and Simba.
  • The story in the Frozen world plays out just like the film.
  • The story of Pirates 1 and 2 will be outlined in KH3 as the focus of that world is on Pirates 3.
  • The characters returning in Kingdom Hearts 3 return as either: their actual selves, Nobodies or “in other types of ways”
  • Nomura states it’s fun as these new mechanics are not based solely around the Keyblade, and they can be used to craft effective strategies if used right.
  • There are new additions that apply to Keyblades that cannot transform as well, such as the Kingdom Key.

The information above was translated by the awesome KH-Insider.