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Griff The Winged Lion Brings You Back To The Days Of Crash And Spyro

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In this modern age of gaming, platforms are a rare commodity.  Sure, we have our Mario and 2D indie games; but outside of that, nothing really significant. The days of Spyro, Crash and Banjo are gone- and now we simply wait for more as we play our classics.

But, there is hope. BreakerBox Studios is creating a game to be the same as what we loved growing up. That game is Griff The Winged Lion.

The Inspiration and where it all began-

As Jake Pawloski from BreakerBox studios states, “Many indie developers encompass what they and their player-base grew up with. A big part of our younger lives were the 64-bit era of gaming, so it’s nice to be granted something so special to us! Not only do we feel the industry can use more retro-inspired 3D platformers, but we’ll also get to learn a lot along the way. These are a few reasons why we were inspired to go with this particular style.”

Walking In The Footsteps Of Giants

b2ca890708a5152e140d700ecf6ea100_originalGriff’s concept-

Being a long time fan of Crash and Spyro as an indie game developer, I began to design a 3D platformer with a winged mythological protagonist like Spyro- but with fur and pants like Crash. The concept had to stand on its own too, so I avoided anything knock-off like Bash Candyboot or the Spiral Dragon. In the end I chose a winged lion because I wanted something justifiable, yet somehow familiar.

Some things that make Griff unique-

Griff himself has a special collecting method. Using a pair of golden gloves called the Midas Gloves, Griff can bash hundreds of enemies and objects into gold pieces as one of the game’s central mechanics. These golden body part pieces are the most common collectibles in the game. Griff is a winged lion, and his sidekick, Gargle, is a gargoyle who keeps trying to be evil. Gargle adds to the challenge of the game in various places with traps or hazards, but also helps you much like the aku mask does in Crash. Aside from these things, there will be some unique level designs and moves which we’ll reveal at a later time.


The game will feature 10 different mythological realms inspired by different cultures; each one with its own unique music track, enemies, level design and gameplay challenges. There will also be several boss battles in the game.


Griff himself sounds young, yet tough like Spyro or Ratchet. We’re working with some talented voice actors known for titles like Dragon Age Inquisition, Apotheon, One Punch Man, the MLP App Game, Pokemon X/Y, Galaxy Trail on Wii U and Freedom Planet.

The Goal-

e766d066dddc9216ac72bc7c6380c334_originalDuring the production of Griff, there are plenty of goals we are working hard to reach. We would like to offer plenty of options for its players to customize their gaming experience; ranging from playing styles to the screen resolution. A trailer for the game will be linked below.

Our goal is to make the game fun, challenging, edgy, humorous, and interesting with worlds that have their own unique elements. Of course, as with any project, we’ll run into unexpected issues. Our team has been working through trial and error together for 3+ years, having worked to develop games for 7+ years independently. We’ll do our best to ensure the game is solid and has a good spirit. We can’t compare to the great classics, but we’d love to free ourselves creatively and get as close as possible to what we feel when we play our favorite platformers.

Porting, options and more-

We’re planning to port to Steam with the right support, and are open to PS4, Xbox One, and even Wii U if possible. The game offers many styles to play in, including PS1-Style, N64-Style, and Dreamcast- Style. Also, you have the ability to turn on shadows or HDR Bloom effects and run the game in native PS1 resolution or a special pixeled HD 1920×1080 resolution. You can also have smooth edges with no pixelation.

Please be sure to check out their KickStarter here, where you can help back up this wonderful new game.
Below is the trailer for Griff the Winged Lion –

Here is some of the games wonderful cast –