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Games For Halloween: Demons Souls

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It’s that special horror filled time of year again and with that many search to find scary things to fill there time. Luckily for you us at Sidearc are here to help you out! While many people like to play horror games like Resident Evil, or Until Dawn. I like to play something else. Of course, that games is the amazing-


Demons Souls


Now this is not an actual horror game. But that does not mean it won’t scare the freaken crap out of you. I have played many so called horror games and never really felt too scared. While┬áDemons Souls is not an horror game it is still very frightening. The atmosphere in the game is bleak, the enemies are relentless and your hope, your hope is dead. The game earned the Souls reputation for its difficulty and that in part is what makes the game pretty dang scary.

latriatoweroflatria_e7c242e0d3a2764a029c05f2aa782b34The games enemies are the stuff of horror. It’s not often I think enemies are creepy but Demons Souls struck that note hard. In particular the friggen Cthulhu like MindFlayers of the Tower of Latria freaked me out. They walk around with their little lights slightly hunched over like a withered old man. Then when you get close they attack, not slow as they were before but frantic and eratic.

When you first encounter these monsters you probably have no idea what to expect and they don’t act like any other enemy in the game. The mystery of these enemies and the Tower of Latria in general makes this area rather frightening. Everything about it is horrifying and just keeps it up till the very end of that segment, and I loved it.

demons_souls-1920xautoBut that is not all, there is many more frightening areas in the game. Such as the disgusting Valley of Defilement, Stonefang Tunnel and the horrible place that I can’t remember the name of with the friggen horror babies in the bloody fluid water…That crap freaked me out way more than I expected..dear lord it is disturbing.

All this and we haven’t even gotten into an oddly scary part of the game. The multiplayer. In Demons Souls you can be invaded by other players. This can be horrifying. You can be in the midst of a large fight, on your last leg trying desperately not to die. But then, then things get worst. You get invaded; by someone who could be much tougher than you. For me this is horrifying, the fact someone can help the enemies and you can actually lose your hard earned progress is much scarier to me than some jump scare or goofy gory zombies.

So if you are looking to get into that Halloween mood and don’t want to go right into jump scares then maybe you should give Demons Souls a try. Sure it isn’t the scariest game ever, but the terrifying atmosphere the intense gameplay and the creepy monster designs make this game pretty darn horrifying.

Enjoy all that death
Enjoy all that death