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Final Fantasy XVI May Get Shown At Square Enix Tokyo Game Show Presentation

Final Fantasy XVI May be on the way

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On September 24th to 27th Tokyo Game show 2020 is set to happen. Of course at this event Square Enix will be showing off their new and currently released games. With the next generation coming very soon, it is expected that Square Enix will be showing Final Fantasy XVI off soon. While there has been no  official announcement for the game there has been rising rumors in the past few weeks.

Now Square Enix just announced their Tokyo Game show lineup. Most of the games are just some generic phone games or games that are out. But there is one thing in there that is more exciting. There are unannounced titles.

If you go to their lineup there are 5 spaces for ‘coming soon’. Which likely means we have a new title, if not titles that are to be shown off by Square Enix. This could of course be nothing knowing Square and their interesting history .

Now to fuel the flames of the Final Fantasy Hype machine, a Final Fantasy XVI Twitter page was found, which could of course be a fake. But the timing would be random for that. Especially with it being locked currently.

Of course, none of this is official yet. But hey, its fun to speculate.  If nothing else, we can all hope Sqaure Enix has some good surprises for us for the Tokyo Game Show. And hopefully some of those are new next gen games.