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Final Fantasy XV Gets New Info, New Trailer And Online Multiplayer

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Square Enix dropped a ton of new info on us for Final Fantasy XV. Alongside that we got a new CG trailer and the announcement of Online Multiplayer.

Elemental Magic

The three basic elemental magics are

  1. Fire
  2. Thunder
  3. Blizzard

You can absorb these all over the world and craft them into throwable items using Magic Flasks. If you combine your magic with items, they gain additional effects such as recovery

Your Enitre Part can equip magic, and there are hundreds of craftable combinations.

Ring Magic

Only Noctis can use the Ring Magic. With his Lucii ring he can cast spells like death which drains the enemies life force.ffxv death spell


When night falls the dangerous creatures come out. In Final Fantasy XV theses are known as “Daemons”. Some of these beast will be familiar monsters like the Bomb or Iron Giant. The games Daemons are very powerful and best avoided at the beginning of the game.


Of course you can travel by normal means but there is also fast travel. In Final Fantasy XV you are able to fast travel to any of your previously found locations. In the instance you lose your car just call up Cidney and she will get it to you, for a price.ffxv-details_10-27-16_007


Summons will change their attacks depending on where you are.

Titan, if near by will use Gaias Wrath and smash the ground near him, if at a distance he will throw a giant boulder.

Ramuh will either throw his staff or slam it into the ground.

Carbuncle is small and can be summoned anywhere. Carbuncle will heal you as well as give status buffs.


Moogles are just a decoy item-


The Town of Lestallum

Lestallum is an industrial town powered by the Astral shard. The city is pretty full of things to do. With all the different distracts and shops, there is plenty to explore.

Online Multiplayer DLC-

After the three character DLC, Final Fantasy XV will be getting Online Multiplayer.

I can’t go into too much detail at the moment, but for Gladio we’re very much going to take him for a more full action game type feel,” Sawatari explains. “There’s a more hardcore action in the way he’s played. Ignis will be much more tactical – it’ll be a much more strategic approach to battle that you have to take with him. Prompto’s gameplay is going to be a lot closer to shooting game mechanics. That’s the rough direction you can expect.”

Lastly there is a New Trailer for Final Fantasy XV, from the team that brought you KingsGlaive.

Final Fantasy XV-Omen