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Final Fantasy VII Remake Story Leaks Are Everywhere End Game Spoilers Included

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Now I dont often report on leaks as I prefer to avoid them. But this one is huge and it is best for people to know so they can avoid any and all leaks out there. That leak of course is the Final Fantasy VII Remake Story scenes.

Among the immense amount of leaks out there are-

  • End game bosses
  • Weapons
  • New locations
  • Character Reveals and redesigns
  • Materia and skills
  • Summons
  • New Enemies\Returns of classics
  • New Story Events\altered events
  • Mini-Games
  • Animation/modeling test (strange that they are in there)

Honestly Just about everything you could imagine has been leaked to some extent. It is not a good day for people looking forward to the game, as people who dislike Final Fantasy have already been spoiling the entire game just from the originals story. With this it will only fuel the trolls and random accident spoilers across the internet.

If you are looking for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Story Leaks  we will not be posting them here. I don’t believe that to be the right thing to do as it will only spread the spoilers to more unfortunate fans looking forward to the game.

Now you might be asking, “How the crap do I avoid this?”        The bad news, it is hard to do, if not potentially impossible. The good news is some communities are cracking down hard, even then moderators are not perfect and can miss things. But with more communities not allowing spoilers, that will lessen the chances of the game being ruined for you. Luckily there are ways to avoid spoilers.

Below I will try and help you stay safe with a a few easy steps-

  1. Clear Youtube recommendations. Youtube creators Love to spoil.
  2. Stay in Safe communities, like ours here  or the FFVIIREMAKE reddit
  3. Don’t sort content by new or latest
  4. Avoid Twitter
  5. Do not Google the game
  6. Avoid non moderated open forums
  7. Stay off the internet for best results. Though, this is a last resort

While this might not protect you 100%, it will for sure lessen the chances. There is no sure way to be  perfectly safe now. The leaks are out there and they will only get worst with time, the amount already gotten is huge and that’s only after a few days. The next couple months will be hard ones for new fans of Final Fantasy VII.

In this, I can only hope Square finds some way to twist this around for their benefit as the Square Marketing team seems to be under quite a lot of stress with such a horrible event.

Best of Luck Square, and best of luck to all the fans out there.

Update: There are more leaks now.