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Destiny Leaving Xbox 360 And PlayStation 3 Behind

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So Bungie decided it was time to cut off the good Ol last gen. From now on Destiny will be focusing on the current gen consoles. Those being the PlayStation 4 and XBox one. While the Ps3 and 360 players can transfer to a new console ( x1-360, or Ps3- Ps4) .It still hits pretty hard to knowing you will have to rebuy everything to play the games new DLC. Below is a some of Bungies information on the switch-

Destiny: The Taken King will continue to be available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Legacy Consoles. However, players on these Legacy Consoles will have limited access to the following content:
  • Future Game Updates and Content Releases
  • Some Destiny Events and Content
  • Purchasing Silver
  • Accessing new Eververse Item purchases across console generations
  • Some Destiny Companion features on the Mobile App and
Upgrading from a Legacy Console
Players wishing to upgrade from a Legacy Console to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will need to meet the following requirements to maintain access to their Destiny content, characters, and progress:
  • Must upgrade within the same console family
  • Must login to Destiny using the same PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag
  • Must perform an Account Import beginning in August 2016
  • May need to re-purchase some Destiny content for the new console

More bad news- “Some content will need to be re-purchased, so if you bought The Taken King on PlayStation 3, you’ll need to buy it again for PlayStation 4 to access that content.”

Your Destiny ends here

So basically, if you play on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 you will have limited access to DLC. This basically means they are no longer supporting the older consoles and are just focusing on the new ones. While this might be good for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners this is obviously bad for the last gen owners out there. This sort of thing wouldn’t be so incredibly bad if it were a new title. But it is not, it is an existing title and it is screwing many of its fans.