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Best of The Year Vote

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Ok, so the year is coming to an end. With that of course comes your usual Game of the Year type things. So here’s the thing, we arent doing your usual every day vote. We will actually be considering peoples reasons for why the game/anime/movie is the best of the year.

What you need to do-

Down below in the comments, just tell us what you thought was the best things of the year. Examples can be-

Video Game-

  • Game Character
  • Game music
  • Or anything of the like if you want to go into detail


  • Best anime
  • Best music
  • Best characters
  • Or something else

Of course we are doing more than just games and anime. So if you want to add in Best book, or Best movie that would be great too! Just remember it has to of been released this year.

So get to it and leave those comments. And who knows, maybe there will be a prize in it for you.

*Prizes will be shown soon