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Rumour-Berserk Creator Visits From Software.

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Supposedly Berserk creator Kenatro Miura visited Miyazaki of From Software. This could mean great news for Berserk and Demons/Dark soul fans alike. Both Demons and Dark Souls have taken massive inspiration from the Berserk franchise.

This rumor of the so called coloration has more backing than the initial start on reddit. Such as the fact that From Software is working on a New Dark Fantasy game that Demons/Dark fans will enjoy.

“The second thing is that one of the new titles I’ve been working on will probably comply with the expectations from the fans in straightforward manner.”

Just don’t expect the new titles soon, Miyazaki went on to say this-“There are still several obstacles we need to overcome to launch those new titles, so we’re not sure how many more years we need to build those, but we’re looking forward to making an announcement in the future.”-Full article.

On top of this Berserks Creator is currently on a Hiatus from the Manga. These all line up well if he were indeed creating a story for a Berserk game.

From Software has always taken inspiration from Berserk, and shares many fans. It would not be surprising to see the game company finally decide to step up and tackle Berserk themselves.

Below are a few links showing just some of the inspiration the Souls Franchise has taken from Berserk. Check them out-Link oneLink twoLink three Video. There of course is plenty more to find, and a quick google search will lead you right to it if you would like to find more.

Don’t forget, this is a rumor. So take it with all the salt you can carry.I think I speak for all of us when I say. Please, please let this be true.