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Akira Anime Adaptation To Adapt Entire Manga

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Now I know everyone is thinking “Akira anime?  The Akira movie is great!” And I’ll say, you aren’t wrong. But the thing is, the Akira manga is longer and tells a much more full and fulfilling story. The movie most have seen is basically a cliff-note version of the actual story. It is missing over half the plot and missing some of the best characters, including my favorite character. While I do love the film, I can never feel fully fulfilled after watching it. I always feel like it just left out too much. 

But now Akira is getting a full animated series! Yes you read that right, after all these long years the Akira manga is finally going to receive a full adaptation .


Sunrise president Makoto Asanuma said the studio was “still developing” the new anime series, but it’s apparently supposed to incorporate the events of the entire manga, which was published from 1982 to 1990. “Fans will be kept up to date about this new anime adaptation project as details become available,” reads a Facebook post by the company.-TheVerge\


There hasn’t been much of any update since the announcement. But that is to be expected with the world effecting corona virus that hit us all. Hopefully soon we can get a trailer, or at least some form of a teaser. 

Meanwhile, You can buy the entire Akira manga set here, and you can pre-Order the 4K version of the 1988 film here. At least we got those glorious things while we wait for the new Akira Anime.