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Sidearc Goes to Gamescom 2018

Well, it's just me really......*slapped*

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Oh hey, you thought I was dead? I’m very much alive and I’m bringing quite the news! This year, Sidearc is gonna get AN ACTUAL ON-SITE HANDS ON COVERAGE! Yes that’s right people, I am gonna be at Gamescom this year, bringing you hands-on coverage on the games that are coming up that are shown […]

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Xbox one E3 2018 All the Announcements

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Today was Microsofts Xbox One E3 2018 conference, and with it of course came many new announcements. Just to make it easier, this article will put them together in one place for your convenience. Halo Infinite Tunic Gears of War 5 Cyber Punk Just Cause 4 CrackDown 3 Dying Light 2 Black Desert Beta BattleToads- […]

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