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This Final Fantasy VII Remake Android Theme Is Amazing

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Over on reddit, a user named starcross_skye(Skye from went ahead and made a custom Final Fantasy VII Remake Android Theme. Bit of a mouthful when you say it that way, but the thing he created is pretty amazing. The theme completely changes the phones basic User_Interface(UI). The results of the theme are honestly amazing, if […]

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Fighter Gets a New Trailer

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z has gotten a new trailer just for Gamescom. The trailer shows off some of the recently announced characters . The game looks even better than before, which is pretty impressive. Check out the trailer, after the trailer you can go below and see the newly announced limited edition and the release […]

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5-Minute Reviews – Fire Emblem Heroes

Excellent mechanics weighed down by terrible Free-To-Play trappings

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How do you keep the legacy and mechanics of a multi-decade series alive while catering to the casual mobile gaming market? If someone figures this out, please contact Nintendo immediately. While at its core Fire Emblem Heroes is actually a very well crafted game, decisions made to capitalize on the money-making market that is iOS […]

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