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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Fighter Gets a New Trailer

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z has gotten a new trailer just for Gamescom. The trailer shows off some of the recently announced characters . The game looks even better than before, which is pretty impressive.

Check out the trailer, after the trailer you can go below and see the newly announced limited edition and the release zone.-

We also got to see the newly announced collectors edition, which you can see below-

On top of all of this the game is set to release in February-


  • Jacob Kellogg

    The visuals look Amazing when they arent 2d…But when they go all 2d they looks kind off.

    • Leon Evelake

      Nice cutscenes… and close ups

      • Jacob Kellogg

        Yupp, it seems to look way better when not stuck in 2d.

  • TimesTicking

    I wonder why Android 17 and 18 are paired up together.
    I thought they would be separate character selection.

    • Leon Evelake

      It looks like there were bits of 18 by herself