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Piccolo Day 2020 is Upon Us Westerners

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Ah Piccolo Day 2020. A glorious and horrid time of destructive celebration.

Every Year upon May 13th we celebrate Piccolo Day (the 9th for the East). Upon this grand holiday King Piccolo shall take a slip from his wonderful and fateful box , and the chosen sector on the slip will host that year’s celebration and will end in its destruction at the hands of the great King Piccolo himself. An honor for any city.

Though many are confused  and celebrate the alleged Goku day of May 9th, they are nothing but lost fools.

Many companies have gotten in on the celebrations of Piccolo day, such as Arbys. This year SH figuarts joined the celebration-

Tamashii Nations has posted a preview photo for a newly sculpted S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Figure. They have revealed the figure for “Piccolo Day“. Known also as Piccolo Jr., or Ma Junior, Piccolo started off as a dangerous adversary of Goku’s. Eventually, a mutual respect was formed between Goku and Piccolo, and he eventually becomes one of their greatest allies. At this time, there is no additional info available. The announcement states that more details will be coming soon. We will update as more images and details are released.-Toyark