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Hideo Kojimas New Game Death Stranding Announced

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Hideo Showed up to PlayStations E3 conference to show a teaser for his new game,  below are a few details on the game along side the first trailer,check it out-

  • The games engine is not chose yet, there are two candidates.
  • Guillermo Del Toro has no involvement in the game yet.
  • The mascot is not part of  the game.
  • The game will have a lot of action.
  • After  playing the game, players will realize the game is  completely from games they have played before
  • Kojima explained the meaning of the title: You talk about “mass stranding” when there are a lot of whales or dolphins stranded on the beach. It’s called “live stranding” when they’re alive, and “dead stranding” when they’re dead. The meaning of the title is that something came from “some world” and is stranded.

Special thanks to DualShockers for the information.