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Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition Unboxing

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What’s Inside?

  • Fire Emblem Fates game
  • Hard cover art book
  • Pouch for your 3DS XL or New 3DS XL

In this Special Edition, the Fire Emblem Fates game comes with Birthright, Conquest and Revelation all in one cartridge. The case for this game also has a reversible cover which looks decent. The artbook is simply fantastic, it has 82 pages of beautiful artwork, character design, and map designs. Lastly, the pouch for your 3DS has a design of the Nohr and Hoshido family on one side and another design that may look like a Fox. The design on the pouch looks fantastic, though the pouch itself… Not so much.

I’m glad the box wasn’t beaten to death because it arrived in a bubble mailer. Also, the box is nice to look at.

Overall, the Special Edition was really nice except for the fact they used the same picture 5 times…

Sadly, not everybody has the chance to get this nice looking Special Edition because of scalpers taking advantage of the limited inventory from Nintendo. The scalpers are selling the Special Edition for +$200 online.

Is the Special Edition worth at retail price?

Definitely, everything inside was great except the pouch because that feels like the most useless thing. The hardcover artbook is amazing and so far I am enjoying the game, I may post a review on the game when I complete it.

Is this game worth buying +$200 from scalpers?

HELL NO! I hope Nintendo releases more special editions of this game so the scalpers lose their money.