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This Fanmade Final Fantasy XV Netflix Trailer Is Shockingly Good

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Before this day, the thought of a Final Fantasy XV Netflix series had never really crossed my mind. But out from the blue, Youtube user Zubabuzu™ – Tributes, Trailers, Montages created this glorious trailer for the non existent Netflix series.

The trailer that was created was obviously inspired by another games ‘Netlix trailer’ that of course being Lion Montages Overwatch trailer. Which you can see by hitting this little link.

Check out the trailer, and don’t forget to comment below-

Now if only Square Enix and Netflix would get together and make this happen somehow. Well, a man can dream.

  • Jacob Kellogg

    I would watch the crap out of it :(

    Heck…..I’d love more Brotherhood

  • TimesTicking

    This could have been the trailer for Kings Glaive since none of the footage (except the ending) was in the game…

    • Jacob Kellogg

      ….Oh sad truth…Some of the footage was only in a trailer..

  • Kenny
    • Jacob Kellogg

      …….the heck