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Descent Into October #7-10

Enough with the genital mutilation!

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Sorry about the long delay my lovelies! I’ve been working 7 days a week for the past month so finding the time to write has been a little difficult. Nevertheless, I want to share my further Halloween experiences!

Last Friday, October 7th I mixed it up a little and the fiance and I downloaded the Outlast 2 demo on the PS4 and played through that. Having played the first game I’m pretty excited for this one. A little background on Outlast: it is a first person horror game where you have to run and hide but cannot fight back enemies. You can use a portable video camera to look through the viewfinder to record certain scenarios and also to use as a flashlight when it gets too dark. Outlast 2 further expands upon this by having the main character also wear glasses which will no doubt have an impact during the full game. (Also, this series has an odd fixation on genitals).

The demo was short but fun and definitely scary at times. I’m not sure if it will be related to the story of the first game but I suppose it doesn’t really need to be. We played through the demo a second time to see if the finale would be any different but there to appears to be only one ending. I recommend playing it though to anyone who has an interest in these games.

Sadly I had to skip doing anything horror related on Saturday due to work :(

To make this a bit shorter both Sunday and yesterday (that is to say Tuesday) we watched X-Files. Both were monster of the week episodes which are truthfully the best episodes. Still on season 3 but almost done with it. Really really aching to get to see the episode¬†Home¬†which absolutely traumatized me as a kid and I’ve refused to see since.

Skinner is a way better boss than Mulder and Scully deserve.
Skinner is a way better boss than Mulder and Scully deserve.

Finally on Monday was 3 more episodes of Another! This show is all kinds of fucked up. Why don’t they just demolish the school? Guess it would be hard to convince the city to make a new school based off a silly sounding curse. But several people dying every year certainly isn’t good for business, no? For anyone wondering I am now 6 episodes total into the series and will probably watch 3 more later this week. Really good show though!

With that said, I’m out for the night and will probably make a double post tomorrow. What will I watch tonight? I feel like torturing myself by renting Ghostbusters 2016! Yeah I don’t expect it to be good but entertaining should be decently okay for me this time.