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[Reviews] Movie Review: Captain America – Civil War

The Marvel universe develops itself and its characters in this riveting blend of action and morality

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Before I’d ever heard of the Marvel comic event that would eventually beget this film, I had a vision of a superhero story where collateral damage is used as an excuse to discredit superheroes and to call for their arrest or cessation. Captain America: Civil War more or less is that story, and its often […]

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Today is Superman’s Birthday

For the Man Who Has Everything

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  Today is February 29th, leap day. It like most days is host to many significant historic and pop culture events. The Salem Witch accusations began, Christopher Columbus Scammed the Jamaican Indians,  Korea pulls its forces out of Vietnam, and on a lighter side of things The Lord of the Rings The Return of The […]

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Huck Issue #1 Review

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Huck Published by:  Image Comics Writer: Mark Millar Artist  Rafael Albuquerque (pencils and inks) Colorist: David McCain Letterer: Nate Piekos   Since the early 2000s comic writer Mark Millar has become one of industry’s most prolific and effective writers. His works with Marvel have met with considerable critical and financial success. Starting with Ultimate X […]

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Totally Awesome Hulk #1 Review

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Totally Awesome Hulk Published by: Marvel Comics Writer: Greg Pak Artist (pencils and inks ): Frank Cho Colorist: Sonia Oback Letterer: Cory Petit Totally Awesome Hulk is a part of Marvel’s All New All Different initiative. One of the major goals in this rebrand is for Marvel to diversify the cast of its main titles. […]

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Superman Lois and Clark Issue 1 Review

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Superman Lois and Clark Published by: DC Comics Story by: Dan Jurgens Art by: Lee Weeks and Scott Hanna Colors by: Brad Anderson Letters by: Joshua Cozine and Troy Peteri It’s no secret that DC Comics’ New 52 reboot has resulted in some controversial versions of their iconic characters and that many people have been asking for a […]

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Hercules (2015) Issue one Review

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Marvel’s new Hercules series recently kicked off, and to my delight and surprise, the first issue is pretty good. This series sees Hercules renting out the top floor of an apartment building whilst his buddy Gilgamesh is living the easy life freeloading off him. Hercules wants to repair his renown as a drunken manwhore who […]

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Snow Blind Issue 1 Review

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Snow Blind, a recent release for Boom! Studios, is one that despite its relative lack of notice is garnering comparisons to brilliant crime comics such as 100 Bullets, which is no small praise. The first issue introduces Teddy, a high-school student at odds with his parents who has been picked up by the police several […]

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