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Snow Blind Issue 1 Review

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Snow Blind, a recent release for Boom! Studios, is one that despite its relative lack of notice is garnering comparisons to brilliant crime comics such as 100 Bullets, which is no small praise.

The first issue introduces Teddy, a high-school student at odds with his parents who has been picked up by the police several times for minor trespassing offenses. Teddy and his parents have lived in Alaska for as long as he remembers, even though his father hates it and laments leaving their old home. After a drunken prank results in images of his father going viral, Teddy’s life changes significantly: he now realizes his parents may not be who he thought they were, that they were deeply afraid of something they are keeping secret, and that the very safety of his family is now in question.


It’s difficult to do this story justice without giving too much away, but in one issue Ollie Masters sets up a tense, engaging and uniquely illustrated story (with hand-painted water colors) that looks to be something great .

The story is just getting going, but this intriguing tale is a must-read.


Published by Boom! Studios-Written by Ollie Masters-Art by Tyler Jenkins