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Berserk 2016 TV Broadcast vs Blu-Ray Release (NSFW)

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The most recent Berserk series is finally coming to Blu-ray. With its release the shows visuals were instantly criticized for their poor CG. Luckily for us, they are releasing an updated version on Blu-ray!

Below you can view the initial tweet the led me to finding this ( Thanks Donkey4). After that you can see the video comparison.

Do be warned the Berserk video is NSFW as it has nudity.

Apparently the series will be released in two parts in Japan.

The first Blu-ray Disc box will ship on October 28 with the first six episodes, a script and storyboard booklet, a package drawn by character designer Hisashi Abe, and a soundtrack alternate takes CD. The second Blu-ray Disc box will ship on December 21 with episodes #7-12 and bonus items that have not yet been revealed. Both sets are priced at 22,500 yen (about about US$222),-ANN

No word on the US release date.