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Berserk 2016 TV Broadcast vs Blu-Ray Release (NSFW)

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The most recent Berserk series is finally coming to Blu-ray. With its release the shows visuals were instantly criticized for their poor CG. Luckily for us, they are releasing an updated version on Blu-ray!

Below you can view the initial tweet the led me to finding this ( Thanks Donkey4). After that you can see the video comparison.

Do be warned the Berserk video is NSFW as it has nudity.

Apparently the series will be released in two parts in Japan.

The first Blu-ray Disc box will ship on October 28 with the first six episodes, a script and storyboard booklet, a package drawn by character designer Hisashi Abe, and a soundtrack alternate takes CD. The second Blu-ray Disc box will ship on December 21 with episodes #7-12 and bonus items that have not yet been revealed. Both sets are priced at 22,500 yen (about about US$222),-ANN

No word on the US release date.

  • Jacob Kellogg

    Don’t give a crap about the nudity. But so GLAD they added some good old animation.

  • donkey4

    Ehh.. so they’re only changing some parts.. oh well, I shouldn’t expect them to change the whole thing :p

    • Jacob Kellogg

      Kinda wish they had just plain remade it XD….

  • byngalo

    They added boobies

    • Jacob Kellogg


  • Leon Evelake

    Too bad 3/4 was horribly directed and butchered the story

    also the video opened with a clang

    • Jacob Kellogg


  • TimesTicking

    I’m curious, but were there a lot of reboots in Berserk anime?

    • Jacob Kellogg

      There is the 1990 one, it is legendary.

      Then movie reboot….Not as good…pretty …uh, well not so good. Skips a lot of character growth.

      Now the new series, takes place after both, skips a lot of stuff.

      • TimesTicking

        Oh that’s it? I really thought there was like 5 or 6 versions of it.
        I really thought it was more complicated.

        • Jacob Kellogg

          Nah, it is pretty straight forward. Though it has 2 games and a new one coming.

  • Justin

    Why not just do it right the FIRST TIME?

    Christ, I hate the company behind this anime.

    • Jacob Kellogg

      It’s oddly common practice in Japan now. Release crap quality for TV boradcast. Release good for Bluray to increased sales.

      They even did this to Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon.

  • Berserk is King

    Cry cry cry!

    • Jacob Kellogg

      What the Clang are you talking about?

  • Jake

    When is this coming out?

    • Jacob Kellogg

      I am honestly not finding a release date anywhere, I am working on it though!

    • Kyle

      I’m wondering this myself, especially since I saw the comparison of the Blu-Ray version vs. the broadcast version. The series is streaming on FUNimation’s website with the complete English dub, too, so that much is complete. Not sure why they’re dragging their feet on a US release for the discs.

      • Jacob Kellogg

        I’m wondering if there is a distribution license issue going on?

  • Omar GarcĂ­a

    The rips just came out in