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Square Enix Is Lying About Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Spoilers ahead for the full release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. So this post will be full of spoilers, as I unfortunately ran into them on a non related Reddit page. These spoilers completely altered my view of this game, which has lead to this article. Square Enix has been lying about The Final Fantasy […]

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Dragon Ball Super To Be Indefinitely Postponed

Not explicitly ending but no word on when it will be picked back up

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Shared by Todd Blankenship @Herms98 a Dragon Ball translator on Twitter, a newspaper in Japan shows Dragon Ball Super’s time slot will be taken by GeGeGe no Kitaro starting April 1st. This means Dragon Ball Super has 8 episodes left before it ends. The article mentioned in the tweet from Fuji TV says “it’s not like the series is […]

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