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Square Enix Is Lying About Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Spoilers ahead for the full release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

So this post will be full of spoilers, as I unfortunately ran into them on a non related Reddit page. These spoilers completely altered my view of this game, which has lead to this article. Square Enix has been lying about The Final Fantasy VII Remake. The post ahead will have spoilers from the end of the game so beware. The article appears right under the video-


This is your last chance to run.



Now let me get this out in the open. Final Fantasy VII Remake, is not a remake.


Yes you read that right, Square Enix has called this a remake time and time again. It is even in the  Games title. But that is not accurate at all, heck this game isn’t really a re-imagining either, It is some sort of new story. A strange Sequel.  Square Enix was explicitly dishonest with this. Just the name alone is a lie. Unless you want to go into some pseudo logic about the characters remaking the world.  Advertising this as a remake is just disingenuous.

You might be confused right now, and well you should be. Because the story for the most part follows the same beats as Final Fantasy VII. Then you get the end and literally everything goes completely wacko. Gone is the story of Final Fantasy VII, and in is this weird portal jumping time altering multi universe thing. The Watchmen of fate are just some excuse to alter events and add time travel and alternate dimensions. It feels like when you are watching Naruto and a super weird Filler arc starts.

The old story is dead, left and abandoned all so Kazushige Nojima can have his usual retcons. Remember Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Genesis with his Loveless? You remember his Final Fantasy X novela where he had Titus kick a ball that blew his head up? Yeah, well this is more of that, but even worst since it completely replaced the actual remake people waited some 20 years for.

So to make this clear,Instead of a real remake this is some Evangelion:Rebuild thing. This is something people should know before getting the game. This is not a remake, this is a new game.

Square Enix is doing their best to keep people from finding out. Understandable as people are dropping their pre-orders like mad in every comment section of every video that stays up for more than 10 minutes.  But it is honestly a shame that this is happening. People deserve to know what is happening and what they are getting into. This isn’t what people waited 20 years for. If Square was upfront with this, people would be much more forgiving. But no, that isn’t what is happening.
Square Enix Should have been honest with what they are doing. Well there’s always hope its a red herring.

If you want to find the spoilers, they are hard to find but gamefaqs has many at the moment that have not been taken down.