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Descent Into October #4, 5, and 6!

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I’m back from the life mandate known as work and have 3 more viewings to add to my repertoire of Halloween goodness.

2 days ago on October 4th I got an email from Redbox advertising some new horror movie they had in there. Something called The Darkness no no, no this The Darkness, or even this Darkness. This new one has Kevin Bacon in it. Which is basically the only reason I rented it. I mean, its Kevin Bacon! Reviews weren’t so hot on Metacritic where it sits at a 27. But fuck it I say!

Mmmm, Bacon

All in all it really wasn’t so bad. Typical plot. Creepy kid dude makes dumb decision of taking ancient burial ground stuff home with him where the family is now haunted by steadily worse ghosts who ultimately want a new soul to take the the underworld with them. Cue the typical “googling that leads straight to the exact answer on surprisingly well formatted websites they need” and “wise old crazy foreign lady to expel the evil spirits”. Its hardly creative but the scares are decently okay and the acting is pretty good too. CG is kinda crap but there isn’t much to it so it that isn’t to bothersome. The Darkness I give the less than stellar rating of Not Really All That Interesting But Grab Some Friends And Drink Every Time There Is A Cliche and enjoy yourself. (please don’t you may die)

So, on October 5th, that is yesterday of course, I really wanted to watch Plinkett’s new Star Wars review. However since that is an hour and forty-five minutes my fiance and I watched an episode of the short-form horror anime Kagewani. This is actually a cool little show with an overarching story and every episode is basically a new monster involved. I recommend it to everyone and each episode is only like 7 minutes and will still give you the chills. On a side note I also strongly, strongly, recommend Yamishibai. It is another short-form horror anime from the same makers but is anthology based so each episode is its own self contained story. It is really very scary and creepy at times. You can’t go wrong with it. Plus its concluded with 3 seasons of 13 episodes each so the full package is available now. Please go watch it and report back!

Finally today I decided to watch Final Destination 3. I saw the first 2 for the first time last October so it felt right to continue this year. In truth I really only decided on it for my celebrity crush. But yeah, it was alright. Pretty much the same formula as the first two. Nothing ground breaking but nothing completely stupid and over the top like the later iterations. A fun little popcorn flick that doesn’t waste time beating around the bush. And Ali Larter wasn’t in it so that’s a huge plus in my book anyway.

Let’s be real I could have gotten cover art of Final Destination 3 but this is way better.

Tomorrow night will probably be more of Another!