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Descent Into October #3

Another One Gone

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After tearing my hair out trying to find a decent looking horror movie on Netflix I gave up and told my fiance she had to pick something for us to watch tonight. So she loaded up Crunchyroll and queued up another! …Ahem, I meant,¬†Another!

This is an anime that she saw years ago and was also recommended to me by you guys, the fine establishment of the SideArc community! Huzzah! I figured we would watch it in 3 episode blocks. Not as long as a movie but I don’t want to ruin the pace by binge watching it either.


Since I only watched the first 25% I am keeping this entry short for now and will probably do a more comprehensive write-up when I finish the series. I will say that I was intrigued for a while and the ending of the 3rd episode has now hooked me!

A couple of quick notes, the art style is very pretty and gives a good slightly gritty feel which to me is imperative for a good horror atmosphere. Plot is a little confusing although I expect it will make a lot more sense by the end. Also, I hate hate porcelain dolls so I’m already getting the heebie-jeebies from Another.

I find the dreariness of this B-E-A-Utiful

I might not watch the next block tomorrow, but I expect I’ll have the show finished within a couple of weeks. Until next time!