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Descent Into October #2

The Ultimate Classic, now with water!

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Hello all!

For my 2nd day of October I watched Halloween H20. I am an incredible sucker for the Halloween movies. Love them all to pieces. Yet somehow I’d never gotten around to seeing the 7th and “final” installment of the storied franchise. Its not that I’ve never wanted to, but just never got around to it. I’ve known the general premise and even the ending but still was excited to see it! Seriously all I need is that lovable big lug slashin and stabbin shit up and I’m a happy camper.


For those not in the know of Halloween the overarching story of the series is Michael Myers not to be confused with this guy is out to kill the only person left in his family, his sister Laurie Strode. Although Michael Myers is notoriously hard to kill the series is notable for the antagonist not having any supernatural powers of really any sort aside from again, extreme resistance to pain and somewhat ninja like hiding skills. Halloween is also the first notable seasonal based slasher flick with Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode the founding “final-girl” that is now a common trope in horror films. Think Sidney Prescott from Scream, and even predates Sigourney Weaver in Alien by a year. As with most long running horror franchises the sequels muddle the story up plenty but the jist is still the same. Michael Myers wants to kill his sister and she doesn’t want to die.

H20 is especially notable in the franchise for nixing the Halloween 4, 5, and 6 from the timeline and picking up 20 years after Halloween 2. Halloween 3 also requires the footnote that it is the only entry in the series not to feature antagonist Michael Myers in any form as the creators were trying to go for an anthology style and when that did poorly Michael Myers was brought back for all the later Halloween movies. So all that said, how was H20?  Well personally I really liked it. But I like EVERY single one of them. Even to my surprise the Rob Zombie remake and its sequel. Again. I. Eat. This. Shit. Up. Laurie Strode is now a mother of a teenage son and has a sudden fear Michael Myers has come back after 20 years of supposedly being dead. Everyone says she’s crazy! But dun dun dun…..she was right! The usual slashy stabby goodness ensues with poor young beautiful people dying before Laurie just starts wrecking and wailing on Myers in a beautiful fashion. Seriously, I’d pay to see this movie from Myers’ point of view where its a horror movie for him due to how much Laurie beats the shit out of him and eludes him.

My only real gripe with this movie is it takes quite a while before the real action begins. Normally in these movies Michael is killing and hunting about halfway through or earlier but it takes almost a full hour of the 90 minute long movie before he really does anything. So its an awfully slow start where not a whole lot happens, and then its kinda over. Although it was satisfying to see Laurie get revenge I was hoping that Michael would get a little more kickassness going on. He was a little too stealthy for my sake. Overall if you’re a fan of this series but haven’t watched H20 yet I still recommend it. And if you haven’t seen any Halloween movies I strongly encourage you to watch the first two! They stand the test of time very well and are almost a period piece at this point. On top of that you’ll finally hear the origin of the famous Halloween jingle you’ve certainly heard inexplicably at some point in your life.

I give this movie a Fun to Watch if You Go in Understanding its the 7th Film in a Franchise and Want to See Stabbing.



Extra: Every year James Rolfe of Angry Video Game Nerd fame does a Horror Movie month where he reviews horror movies every day in October. He has covered every single Halloween movie including the Rob Zombie remakes. Here are the links in case you are interested: Halloween 1-H20 and the Rob Zombie remakes. They aren’t very long and are very well thought out. Even if you don’t watch the movies I recommend these reviews.


Til tomorrow! (Probably)

Final note: John Carpenter is making another Halloween movie and you can damn well count I’ll be seeing that one in theaters!