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    It’s been more than a decade since the single-player, turn-based RPG known as Knights of The Old Republic has come out. Yet, we have this wonderful game, and it’s sequel, still out there being enjoyed. The first game in the series is available on Kindles and smart phones now. This is a classic game that endures due to it’s story telling and basic RPG fundamentals that are executed so well.

    So, who here loves this game as much as I do?

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    Isiac DaGraca

    I only played the first one a little >_>

    That was a while ago too… i don’t own the second one.

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    Jacob Kellogg

    They’re on android now? D:

    I really need to try them again.

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    The first game is. KoTOR 2 got a re-release of sorts on Steam with updated graphics and The Sith Lords Restoration Project added to it. I’m still thinking about buying it again, but how many copies of one game can a person have? I have the first game on 4 different platforms and the second game on 2 different platforms. Not sure I want to keep buying the same game over again, but I’m not against that idea, either.

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