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      Jacob Kellogg


      SideArc Year In Review And Game Of The Year!

      A year has passed here on Sidearc or Takuchat as it was once called and once destroyed. So with the year in mind here is our very special look back at all the weird crap that has befallen us.

      Most Jeeted Post-simpley the most reposted thing that happened on our site.

      • Award for the most food related posts…oh this is a close one-Hongo
      • The award for the “holy crap they are not dead” goes to-Charnab , Professor Bananas and troublehalf in a rare three for one award
      • The award for most sporadic posts-Raso
      • The award for least offensive and most cordial-Dracosummoner
      • The award for most confirmed days without showering-Phantomlink
      • The award for most misunderstood avatar-Times ticking
      • The award for having the most backlogged games-Hydeki Ryuuga in another close run
      • The award for the member with the most misspelled name-M0re
      • The award for actually posting commenting on articles goes to -Mr Domino
      • The award for Most productive 10 minute posting session-Hitokiri-Ace
      • the award for best expose and achievement in outstanding journalism goes to-Gun
      • The award for possible site breaker/ possible artificial intelligence goes to-DubSempher ha
      • Now for the Side arc portion of the awards
      • Award for the most uncommented on articles-King Kellogg the Waffle Haggler
      • Award for the most porn related conversations-Digital Wolf
      • Award for the almost bizarrely encyclopedic knowledge of anime series-Panama Punk
      • Award for Most Awars Snubbed, Aaron Wilkons.

      -Game of the Year as voted on by our community-

      There was a ton of great contenders this year and the votes were spread out pretty well with The Witcher and Metal Gear, even with that the winner was clear. BloodBorne took a quick lead and never gave it up.




      -Most Played-

      This one was a pretty big surprise to me, I expected Metal Gear Solid to take the cake, but there was one game that our sites fanatics edged it and Destiny out with and that game is— Monster Hunter, even with its smaller amount of players it had a pretty big lead. Scary really.


      Biggest Anime- 

      Really, is this a surpise to anyone? One Punch Man premiered and was loved pretty much universally and the love just seems to keep on going.  Guess we’ll have to just wait for season 2, or one of those horrible rehash movies.

      Biggest Anime Announcement-

      There wasn’t a bunch of big anime announcements this year, well there was one and that is of course, Berserk. While some are worried over the odd visual mix style, the worries were soon forgotten over the fact that we are getting more Berserk.

      Most mixed opinions-

      People had high hopes and the game kind of delivered on some of them. Nothing else this year had nearly as much conflicting views as Metal Gear Solid V.


      Biggest Game Trailers- this one I’d say is a tie, not between two game but the reaction was so big for these three I thought there was no choice .

      Final Fantasy 7- Dear lord the reactions.

      Uncharted 4- I mean its Uncharted, not much gets a reaction like this does.

      The Last Guardian- It’s the last Guardian.
      [See the full post at: SideArc Year In Review And Game Of The Year!]

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      Jacob Kellogg

      It’s the year of big swords.

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      When 3-4 players alone put in a combined over 1000 hours into a game…. hell ya

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      Isiac DaGraca

      Ha this was fun.

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      Leon Evelake
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