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    Jacob Kellogg


    Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Announced

    Level-5 announced the highly anticipated sequel to Ni No Kuni during the PlayStation Experience 2015 opening keynote.

    The game has an all new cast and is seemingly some time after the first.

    You can watch the gorgeous trailer below-

    Like Final Fantasy VII Re, Ni No Kuni also has gotten a dev diary, which you can of course watch below-

    [See the full post at: Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Announced]

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    Ben Domino

    I wish there were some gameplay details here, but I suppose it’s too soon. I want to see if Level 5 fixed the crummy combat of the first game.

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      Jacob Kellogg

      Yeah, L5 needs to fix up its combat…it feels old.

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        Ben Domino

        They just crammed too much into combat without really thinking about if it made sense to structure it like that. Pokemon enemy capturing? Sure, that’s fun. Only one character can do it? Now you’re pigeon-holing me into having that character in the group for every battle. Not really a big deal since you’re stuck with three for most of the game, but it’s still a poor decision.

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    Looked interesting, though I should get around to finishing the first game… Barely clocked 3 hours into the game.

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      Isiac DaGraca

      Yeah i kinda have the same problem, i think i just need to get over the tutorial hump i think i’m still in.

      I find it silly a game like this needs so much tutorial, it’s like they thought only children would play it. Atleast give me an option to skip the most basic ones. Make it more like a movie that has some flow.

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    Uh! I haven’t even got the first game out of the packaging yet. No time! I feel like that stupid rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

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