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    Yo, Times here.
    I’ve been wanting to write review for a long time but I have always been afraid to write one since I have never done one before.
    How does one write a review?
    What are the important things that should be in it and what are the things that should not be in it?
    I seen people who put spoilers in their reviews and others who do not.
    Are scores really important to have in a review?

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    Isiac DaGraca

    @timesticking I wrote this a long time ago as a “review standard” you can use it as a concept to help you get started, and you don’t have to use everything in it.

    Also currently our score system uses 1/5 and a score title for at extra .1 for instance

    3/5 “Nothing revolutionary, and decent at what it tries to do”

    The reviewbox helps with this.

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