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      Jacob Kellogg


      Hercules (2015) Issue one Review

      Marvel’s new Hercules series recently kicked off, and to my delight and surprise, the first issue is pretty good.

      This series sees Hercules renting out the top floor of an apartment building whilst his buddy Gilgamesh is living the easy life freeloading off him. Hercules wants to repair his renown as a drunken manwhore who can’t get with the times. To remedy this he is taking a cue from Luke Cage as a hero-for-hire. As a demigod, he doesn’t necessarily take cash as an offering, preferring something of great value to the giver.

      The story works pretty well and manages to have a fair bit of restrained humor while setting up larger events for the overarching plot.

      At a time when I am generally weary of Marvel and DC Comics, this was a pleasant surprise.


      Published by Marvel Comics with story and art by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross

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