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Xbox Series X Gameplay Showcase On May 7th

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Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X will have a video or stream showing off new gameplay for the upcoming console. The video premiers Thursday, May 7th at 8am PT. Its unknown if Microsoft will be announcing anything on pricing, UI or features.

We will get to see their first party titles as well as some select 3rd party titles like the newly announced Assassins Creed Valhalla. All I hope is we get a glimpse of Halo.

The stream will no doubt be on their Youtube channel. Assuming it is a stream you should be able to watch it on Microsofts Mixer as well. I mean they did even reply to the tweet but there isnt designated area.

Feel free to check out the consoles specs here if you feel the urge.As usual we will keep you updated on all the Xbox Series X Gameplay videos that come out.