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Video Game Workout To Do While In Quarantine

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Working out is a good activity, keeps you strong and alert. Of course many of us are stuck inside thanks to the coronavirus . So no doubt most of us are sitting around and eating cheetos and hot pockets. Now more than ever it is important to keep your body healthy and active! This made me think how many video game workout routines and such have we seen over the years? I of course drew a blank beyond Final Fantasy VII and Metal gear solid, so off to google I went!

Below you can check out a few awesome ways to stay active in the comfort of your own home. If you find anymore please do drop them in the comments!

 Squats!-Final Fantasy VII

Ah good ol Squats! A good way to get some nice leg muscles! And best of all it takes barely any room!

The squat is a dynamic strength training exercise that requires several muscles in your upper and lower body to work together simultaneously.

Many of these muscles help power you through daily tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, bending, or carrying heavy loads. They also help you perform athletic-related activities.

Adding squats to your workouts can help boost your exercise performance, decrease your risk of injury, and keep you moving more easily throughout the day. But these are just a few of the benefits.-Healthline

Pull Ups!- Metal gear Solid

Pull ups are a good one, just make sure the thing you use is strong enough to hold your weight and most importantly safe!

The Pullup is an upper-body, compound exercise. Your back and arms pull your body up while your abs prevent your lower back from arching. You can emphasize your arms by gripping the bar with your palms facing up. These are Chinups and they’re effective for building bigger arms.-


Actual Fitness Games!..Well Yeah

Wii Sports,DDR,shape up, punch out any work. They are made to get y ou sweating and if you put the time in, well you can actually lose some weight. Just needs a bit of dedication.

Here is a list of 15 games to help you workout-TheGamer

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is a huge hit in the past few years, and its a very good workout. Having fun, while getting healthier?  Can you really argue against that one?

Beat Saber is a game that packs fire behind a whirlwind of saber movements. The directional cubes are the essence of the beats, so if you hit them correctly your score will climb with multipliers as your upper body, core, and lower body get a workout by reaching and striking cubes and getting out of the way of obstacles with lateral movement. This game can be used for cardio and conditioning workouts, as well as for warm-ups and full-on workouts.

Here are the results of my 35-minute workout:

  • Calories burned:378
  • Average heart rate:128
  • Max heart rate:179


Dance- FF8,Yakuza and many many more

Dancing can be a good way to burn some calories.

It’s good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it can help with balance and coordination.

A 30-minute dance class burns between 130 and 250 calories, about the same as jogging.-WebMD

Sit ups!- Rocky

I mean its sit ups, cant argue with them. And it gives me an excuse to post anything Rocky

The sit-up (or curl-up) is an abdominal endurance training exercise to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. It is similar to a crunch (crunches target the rectus abdominis and also work the external and internal obliques), but sit-ups have a fuller range of motion and condition additional muscles.-Wikipedia


Kata-Tekken and fighting games

A pretty low impact way to get a good workout. Kata are a simple way to practice form for martial arts.

Kata is a Japanese word ( or ) meaning literally “form” referring to a detailed choreographed pattern of movements made to be practised alone, and also within groups and in unison when training. It is practised in Japanese martial arts as a way to memorize and perfect the movements being executed. Korean martial arts with Japanese influence (hapkidoTang Soo Do) use the derived term hyeong (hanja: 形) and also the term pumsae (hanja: 品勢 hangeul: 품새).

Kata are also used in many traditional Japanese arts such as theatre forms like kabuki and schools of tea ceremony (chadō), but are most commonly known in the martial arts. Kata are used by most Japanese and Okinawan martial arts, such as aikidojudokendokenpo, and karate.-Wikipedia



As always during this time of insanity, stay healthy and safe.


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