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Check Out How Amazing Unreal Engine Can Look With These Popular Characters

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Youtube user and Unreal enthusiast CryZENx has made something great, something I have personally wanted for years. That of course is Mario Kart. Well sort of, it is more like Video game Kart, in this beautiful made Kart racing game you can play as Mario, Vaas, Pacman, Sonic and a few others.

You know what, you should really just watch the video and enjoy the greatness of it.


Of course with CryZENx being the awesome guy he is he released this game for download, you can grab it here.

Now this isn’t the only thing CryZENx has done with Unreal, if you go to his channel you can see many other classic game characters brought to Unreal 4.

In a particularly relevant thanks to the upcoming release is Darth Vader running around in the Ice Lands DX12 demo area, and of course it looks fantastic.

But if Star wars isnt your thing you can always watch one of his many videos featuring Link, which I will post one of below-

You can follow CryXENx on the links below-

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